Rogue Agents

We have as many Rogue Agents operating within our mind-system as we do Aspects of Self, because they are the agents that carry out the work of our shadow aspects.

Subconscious Forces

Our subconscious can be understood as one force, split into two. These energies that can manifest as constructive or destructive forces.

Beauté Sauvage

Sacred beauty rituals promote an ecstasy of sensory experience that unites us with the Divine aspect within.

The Beauty & The Beast Of Sleep

10 may 2022 The Beauty & The Beast Of Sleep A good night’s sleep has more to do with beauty than meets the eye, and beauty is more than skin-deep. That is to say, beauty has a quality beyond physicality. That being, the virtues of integrity, generosity, health and happiness. Including creativity, prosperity, and fulfilment, […]

The Art Of Ritual

Our purpose is to experience beauty through the art of ritual, because beauty and harmony are our purpose.

The Purpose Of Ritual

Rituals have the power to transform us from the inside out, and from the outside in.