Sauvage – wild – a pure state of being within one’s self and the world. Natural, organic, original, untamed, uninhibited, unencumbered, unaffected, and unconditioned by external influences.

et – &

Libre – freea genuine state of being free within the physical and non-physical realms. Unrestricted within mind, body, and spirit. The ability to be and move freely in the world. Freedom of choice. Freedom to live and be as one chooses, without external interference.


Aspects of Self – refers to the existence of many different parts of ourselves. The different personas and personality traits of the Self. It references the numerous and diverse characters, who live within us who each have their own needs and desires. Some complimentary, others opposing. They are usually expressed/exposed through the various roles they/we play within society.


Beauté Sauvage – or wild beauty, represents the philosophy that consciousness is found through the transformational qualities inherent within beauty. By recognising and connecting with the beauty that exists within the outer world, we are able to locate it within ourselves. We are able to make a direct connection between, beauty and our own Inner Beingness; the beauty within. Truth is revealed by witnessing beauty in the Outer World. It reveals inherent truths, purity, and harmony —the ideal, or authentic state. By recognising our essential nature as pure, unbound, and everlasting, existing destructive notions of self and other are transmuted and thus transformed into its natural state of Being. Thus, with beauty as our guiding muse, we are able to unite with the Formless Dimension into consciousness.

Being – is the state of living in conscious awareness. It is the physical and non-physical embodiment of consciousness. It represents living one’s Truth. 


Conditioned – refers to the state of being systematically and habitually indoctrinated by the dominant ideology. It refers to the established, pervading, socio-cultural and political belief systems. These are continually being re-enforced through the private and the public domain. They include, but are not limited to: the family home, cultural centres and practises, literature, films, television, media, people, and organisations including private and government bodies, schools,  and universities etcetera. Anything that one is exposed to, both consciously and subliminally, contributes to conditioning.



Essential Essence – refers to our energetic core. It is energetic in nature and thus connected with the Source Energy of the Universe. It is consciousness, understood as the primal energetic principle that permeates all life. Of the physical and non-physical alike.

Execution Map – is a concise map of ideas, concepts, and lessons to keep front and centre when executing a course of action to carry out a plan. It is formatted in list form for ease of reference, and stands as a revision tool that can be read quickly, daily, weekly, or whenever required to assist in staying focused and on track with the Purpose Plan.


Formless Dimension – refers to that which is not defined by physicality, form, space, and time. Examples of the Formless Dimension are the dream state, the imagination and meditative states. It is any realm of existence that cannot be defined by the conceptual mind.



Highest Expression – of Being – refers to embodying, being, the greatest possible version of yourself. It is the total alignment of values – the human being that has become conscious.


Inner Beingness – this is your soul essence. Your truest nature, raw and unadulterated. It is pure and genuine in Spirit.  

Inner World – essentially refers to  Wonderland, where all potentialities exist. It’s a Metaphysical realm of existence where notions of time, space, and truth are relative concepts to be experienced, rather than defined, owned, known, or understood as absolute truths or modes of existence. Whatever is experienced in WonderWorld is equal to that which is experienced in the conscious state, here on Earth. The validity and significance of the Inner World, and that of WonderWorld, are absolute.







Outer World –  refers to the material, concrete world of constructed form. It includes all structural forms from the natural environment, such as mountains, forests, oceans, and wildlife, but also includes that which is man-made. It denotes a specific world-view, that is understood through the conceptual mind; pre-conditioned from our conscious, waking state of existence. Essentially, life as we know it on the surface level, or through our Waking Reality.


Purpose Plan – is a statement of purpose that specifies your intentions toward a specific direction, outcome, or goal. It can be used for short and long term plans. The objective of writing a Purpose Plan is to clearly define and articulate where you intend to focus your attention and how you plan to get to where you want to be. Further, it stands as a concise and conscious statement of accepting responsibility for your situation, while also being a declaration of your intention to identify what action is required in order to change your situation for the better.



Rogue Agents  – refers to our shadow selves. Those aspects of our personality that we have consciously/unconsciously disowned and or denied. Aspects that we are mostly unaware of, but which continue to operate in the shadows of our psyche, acting like Rogue Agents carrying out their own agendas. These are always based in the egoic mind state.


SEL – acronym for Sauvage et Libre

Self – The Self is the totality of who you are as an individual; authentic and whole. It is an expression of consciousness.  

Self-Actualisation – is the state of self-mastery. It is the state of Being where one has moved beyond the conceptualised mind, and beyond previous levels of experience into a higher state of consciousness. Traits include having a high level of awareness, consciousness, and conscientiousness. One is capable to successfully carry out tasks to a high level with mental and physical competency. It represents a spontaneous allegiance with the flow of life. Self-Actualisation is success – personified. It is one with consciousness. 

Source Energy – is the aliveness that runs through all existence. It is the energetic current—the flow—that births life, creativity, and expression. It is consciousness. It comprises all things including our physical bodies. But also that which resides in the Formless Dimension; the non-physical.

Spirit – Eternal nature. Truth. The underlying essence of our Being.

Symbol – A symbol is a term, a name, or an image that does not have fixed meanings; but many possible meanings and points beyond itself.


 True Self – refers to who we are at our core. It’s our essence; it is our soul. It is who we are beneath the conditioned mind by society, socio-cultural conventions, and by personal, psychological permutation to life experiences. Our True Self is the free-spirit; an original force of nature that does live not by fear, but by the freedom inherent within consciousness itself.

Triple A’s – refer to Awareness, Accountability and Action Awareness is the ability to be aware of one’s self; one’s values, motivations and behaviours, and how these influence the way we relate to our sense of self, others and our environment.  Accountability is the quality of being accountable and responsible for one’s self and one’s actions, past and present. Action is the process of doing something; taking the necessary action, the practical steps required to achieve an aim for the purpose of change.

Triple C’srefer to Curiosity, Clarity and Connection Curiosity is the desire to know, learn or do; it’s the inquisitive archetypal seeker who has a pioneering spirit and an eagerness to explore. It represents our inner guide. Clarity is the state of indisputable knowing. It’s the quality of being certain, absolute and resolute in our understanding of self and others. It refers to a deeper knowing that goes beyond the surface level of understanding a situation intellectually. It’s the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Connection represents the relationship between people, things or ideas; it is the commonality linking them together that form a shared meaning. Our perception and awareness inform our self-understanding which in turn form our values. These are the primary modes of identifying relevant connections between disparate things that hold personal significance.

True Value – refers to both our ability to become conscious and also the unique expression of our True Value. That is, the set of personal characteristics, traits, skills and abilities that are hidden within the unconscious. Our True Value is to make the discovery of our True Self – to realise the unknown within the unconscious, and make it conscious, by applying it to our external reality. The unique form in which this manifests also relates to our True Value. 


Unconscious – is the creative source where all potentialities exist. It is the driving force behind our behaviours and desires

Unknown Self also known as the Wild Self, or unconditioned self, is the part of ourselves that we are unaware of. It houses our true genius, and potential. It represents the wise counsel, and is connected with the ultimate reality; consciousness.     

Unified Self– refers to one being in total balance and harmony.  All fragments of self are integrated and unified into wholeness. The unconscious and conscious mind are in unison and work cooperatively together. The integration of all duality within the Self as a unified whole.


Values Audit –  found here, is a short, sharp list of questions designed to give you clarity of your values and needs. The answers to these questions are then used to establish where you need to focus your attention. So that you are able to make the necessary changes to achieve desired aims. It is a tool that is useful to use anytime when you need clarity and focus in any life area. It will also assist you in identifying what is important to you now, in your current life situation. Or, more generally when you need clear direction when you feel confused, or uncertain. 


Waking Reality – this is what most refer to as actual reality. In truth, it refers only to what can be conceived by the conceptualised, conscious, conditioned mind. Therefore, it refers to our conscious reality, our material understanding of space and time on Earth, relative to our experience of it. 

Wild Self – is the untamed, unconditioned Self. It is the undefined Presence within. It houses all possibilities, creativity, freedom, and consciousness.  

Wonderland – refers to the inner world; the dream state, or the imagination. It’s the place where all potentialities exist. It is the playground of the unconscious and the imagination. It’s the stage upon which all one’s characters Aspects of Self  act out through various scenes, in an attempt to communicate to the conscious mind, for the purpose of integration, and ultimately, for the facilitation of consciousness.




This glossary will continue to expand over time, as new insights, concepts, and philosophies are developed. All material is developed, conceptualised, and written by me.