SAUVAGE ET LIBRE | A holistic guide to illumination, liberation, and realisation. 


Only the wild are truly free. 



SAUVAGE ET LIBRE means wild and free in French. It represents the ethos that our inner gold lies in the wildest, deepest parts of our Unknown Self. This is the source of our greatest potential, and what is buried here epitomises the well of our inner treasure. Herein lies the spring of our creativity from which our hidden talents and abilities emerge. It is thus where our True Value lies also. Our greatest contribution to ourselves, to others, and to the world, is to understand our True Self through the journey of self-discovery. From this voyage we unearth our value and learn how to share it with the world. Only once we have made this discovery is it possible to make a contribution beyond ourselves. Our True Value and our True Self are two sides of the same coin, it cannot be otherwise. When we find one, we find the other, and both depend on Truth.

When we accept our Truth with integrity we find our rightful path and act with intention and purpose. On this trajectory our actions are guided by the values of our Spirit. Guided by the virtues of Spirit, our purist expression of Being emerges. It does so as the embodiment of living our Truth because our Unknown Self, True Value, and True Self are all expressions of our personal Truth. Living our Truth leads us to Self-Actualisation, which is the complete realisation of our potential. In fulfilling our potential we meet our purpose and experience contentment and prosperity. To this end, our Being expresses the divinity of our Soul, through consciousness. This is the quintessential purpose of life. 


The purpose of SEL is to provide the inspiration, knowledge, and tools to self-actualise. The approach is accessible, practical, and grounded in everyday life experiences. By extension, life is the template and the teacher for transformation, while desire serves as the motivation for individuation. The key takeaway is that self-knowledge acted upon with Truth and integrity is the key to success. Given this, understanding and experiencing who we are is our first port of call.

We begin by experiencing our Unknown Self which is where we discover Aspects Of Self. We explore these on the conscious and unconscious level. Our Unknown Self is the wild, unrealised part of our Being that houses our potential. Aspects Of Self are the many facets that make up our total personality; they’re the different layers of ourselves. As they live within the unconscious, for the most part, they remain unknown to the conscious mind. But these hidden parts of us need a conscious outlet; they must find expression in our waking life. We do this by acknowledging their existence first and foremost, before experiencing and integrating them into the totality of our Being. Every need within us must find some form of external manifestation in order for us to become whole. Thus, wholeness requires the conscious recognition and integration of our Total Self, through experience.

Experience is life, and life symbolises the journey, while Being signifies existence itself, or a way of life, that is, how we live. Our unconscious predispositions need integration into consciousness and this relies on three integral parts. The first is an awareness of our Aspects Of Self. The second is the successful integration of these into the conscious personality, and finally, we must balance the polarities found within these into daily life. In other words, we must find a way to live with our total personality that is harmonious with the world at large. In this way, we articulate our Total Self through Being.

Being is the totality of Self; it represents wholeness because it constitutes part of the greater whole. It’s the embodiment of living our Truth in alignment with the ultimate Reality. Our purpose is to integrate our Unknown Self into our Being by bridging the Inner World with the Outer World. In doing so we form a connection between the two. The Inner World is the Formless Dimension where all potential exists, and the Outer World is the manifestation of that potential into physical form. That is, life as we know it in waking consciousness, or our external reality. So we uncover Aspects Of Self through the Unknown Self via the inner and outer portals. By establishing a relationship with a broader reality we are able to integrate our Aspects Of Self into consciousness and thus into the totality of our Being. Which is to say, when we invite all our personalities to the party, into our total personality, our Being, we become more aware, conscious, and complete, thereby providing a means to self-actualise.



The process to self-actualise is threefold. The first part is through a process called The Beauty Of Form. This technique allows the manifestation of the True Self to take form by witnessing its own inherent qualities through beauty. Namely, harmony, balance, connectedness, and divinity. This works on two levels; the psychological and the physiological. The psychological aspect governs all cognitive processes that are experienced by the conscious and unconscious mind. In contrast, the physiological aspect relates to the physical nature of Being, that is, the manifestation of form. Building solidarity between the two levels, or states of reality, strengthens their effectiveness with each other. In other words, the mind-body connection is more powerful when integrated and experienced as a whole. The True Self manifests by witnessing its own totality as one entity made up of many. It does so through a multilayered and multilevel experience that combines thought and action. Abstract ideas are given form through finding a practical outlet. In a sense, seeing is believing but doing makes it real. Furthermore, we find a greater depth of meaning as fragments of our Total Self are given context to exist, made possible through the framework of The Beauty Of Form.

Moreover, when we experience the qualities of beauty, we are able to recognise them as part of our Total Self which is experienced and registered on multiple levels. The conscious, subconscious, and physical, but why beauty? Because beauty personifies harmony and balance. This is important because part of the human experience is to reconcile differences. Specifically, the polarity between form and formlessness to find wholeness. We must find balance to become whole. In this sense, beauty provides the impetus and the motivation for such an endeavour. As such, cultivating beauty restores our equilibrium. But, above all, The Beauty Of Form is an instrument, a means so to speak, into consciousness. In this way, it is the pathway to the Actualised-Self.



The second part of the process involves experiencing Aspects Of Self. We do this via the Formless Dimension before integrating them into consciousness. Aspects Of Self are the unrecognised, unacknowledged, and abandoned parts of ourselves. They are aspects of our total personality, or the many personalities within us. They are what that the conscious mind fails or refuses to acknowledge. The Formless Dimension is the non-physical realm of existence. It belongs to the unconscious domain. This is where we find, and uncover parts of our unknown personality. Once found we bring them forward, so to speak, into consciousness. We do so to establish a line of communication between the two states of consciousness. Also, understanding our Aspects Of Self through the unconscious enables us to resolve conflicts consciously.

Conflicts arise because we have many different personalities within us. They each have conflicting needs, interests, and desires. These are the driving forces behind our behaviour. When unmet, or denied, they manifest as external conflicts in our life. They represent the hidden forces that control our behaviour. The first step toward self-awareness is to make these conscious. When we experience the needs of the unconscious we are better equiped to meet its needs, and so we can resolve the conflicts within us. However, what appear to be conflicting interests are actually mutual needs of the Total Self. They are the unfulfilled needs of the total personality that need, not only recognition, but also integration into consciousness.

Thus, to experience Aspects Of Self via the Formless Dimension is to make us more conscious. That is, more aware of our unconscious motivations. By engaging with the unconscious, the conscious mind can reconcile differences in personality. Therefore, self-awareness allows us to make the necessary adjustments in our outer life. From our unconscious we become conscious, and our True Self emerges.


The third part of the process requires a physical act. That is, the practical application of knowledge learnt thus far. The desire is for the abstract and the concrete to merge, and to experience them in the physical domain. At this point, what we have uncovered in the Formless Dimension are abstract ideas. These pertain to our needs, desires, and motivations. But they must also find their external expression in physicality; in the solid world of form. 

In other words, theory needs practice; it must find a practical outlet. Theory must enter the world of form. At the same time, theory and practice need our conscious awareness. We achieve this through conscientiousness, ritual, and other awareness building techniques. But more importantly we achieve this by developing and establishing a way of Being. One that denotes Presence. Presence personifies a way of life that’s built upon the foundation of a deep awareness of Self. One in which our potential becomes manifest. Thus, we fulfil our purpose through externalising our True Value. Which is the embodiment of our True Self. All of which contribute to reaching Self-Actualisation – the true meaning of success.


What is the meaning of life? And what constitutes Reality? If our True Self is one with Being and Being is one with the ultimate Reality, then they are one and the same – equally indefinable yet seeking expression. If what we seek is clarity, connectedness, belonging and wholeness – we desire to extend past ourselves into the unknown, to make it known. And thus, we seek Self-Actualisation which is the complete realisation of our potential, but in truth we crave the transcendental because it exceeds conceptualisation not only of Self, but of other and the world. So ultimately we must yield to the great mystery and relinquish the desire to know all things, and instead resign to wisdom, which is the deep understanding of action. If action underlies realisation then beyond the satisfaction of achievement of purpose, which is finding our life’s meaning, is the reward of consciousness, and thus true creativity and freedom, which we experience through a deep connectedness with Self and Source. So if the desire is realisation then we must transcend the Self into Being, thereby coexisting with the great mystery and all there is.

The Beauty Of Form represents the ethos that beauty is a reflection of consciousness, and thus is the great mystery – it is infinite and resolute – yet ever changing. Moreover the true value of beauty is that it reflects our essential nature. It is the timeless spirit of eternity, the eternal youth, the perennial adventure, and the everlasting love. By virtue of this, by resonating with the Beauty Of Form we resonate with our innate essence – the purity of Truth. And Truth is found in the Celestial and in the Divine, all that is beyond the mundane. It exists within as it does above, and also below, but we must dispel the fictitious to reveal the Truth. In this light the journey is the destination because the Soul’s evolution towards consciousness, towards divinity and transcendence is eternal.

As the Soul represents the infinite mystique, the totality of our Self is unknowable. As such, there can be no definition, no characterisation, nor categorisation. Thus we can only be guided by the virtues of our Soul, as there is no formula for the creation of Self, except to understand it as both the field of pure potentiality, and potential itself. Therefore, we cannot conceptualise the Self because it’s beyond thought and form. We can only experience it through Presence via the Divine because we are the Present Awareness within the Celestial. If by virtue we surrender to the realm of potentiality we open the gate to the transcendental. To this end, our Soul is the one and all consciousness of everything – it is the great mystery, the eternal Being, and the beguiling freedom. Our Soul is our True North – awaiting us to heed its call beyond the captivity of thought alone – into the realm of magical existence whereupon transcendence prevails. Life, then, is a perception, and as such, may beauty reign supreme.

– Akemi

Sauvage et Libre, Est. MMXXII