19 August 2022

Subconscious Forces

Sharon Etgar

The  subconscious is the part of the unconscious that the conscious mind is not aware of. What lies in the subconscious are Aspects of Self—these are parts of our total personality. Yet, they represent the aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of, on a conscious level. Further, they symbolise the many different personalities that live within our total identity. As such, like characters in a film, they each have individual wants and needs. When they differ with one another, conflict arises. This manifests in our external, daily life as conflicting desires. Even so, it is important to note that our aim is not to shun these Aspects. But rather, to be conscious of them. When we are conscious of these energies we can acknowledge them for what they are, and find a solution. There are valuable attributes that we can harness by befriending our Aspects of Self.

So, our Aspects of Self refer to the various personality types that live within our Total Self. They live within our Unknown Self, which is the domain—the house so to speak—which encompasses our Self. That is, our Total Self; the totality of who we are. As all Aspects live together under the one roof, in the house of the unconscious, conflict arises. In other words, each character competes to fulfil their needs. As a result, we experience internal struggle because we are trying to appease all. We try to keep everyone happy, but the problem is we don’t know who is who or what they want. Furthermore, we must deal with the full spectrum of human emotion; fear, anger, sadness, joy, and love, etc.. All Aspects are running the gauntlet—living within our head, as it were, all at once. Given this, it’s imperative we reconcile our differences and find harmony. In order for us to find resolution and peace, we must go to the unconscious. 

We can understand the subconscious as one force, split into two. On the one hand, it is one with consciousness; it is the energetic life-force that permeates all life. For this reason, it is also the field of pure potential. But, what lies within the subconscious are energies, hidden from our conscious mind. As such, our understanding on a conscious level becomes fragmented. That is to say, our conscious mind has yet to grasp its own totality. In other words, we understand ourselves as fragmented, and seperate from the whole. Thus, we must find the missing pieces of the puzzle so that our frustration is not a reflection of the fractured whole. But rather, an understanding that our True Self contains all the pieces of a much larger puzzle.

To begin, we can acknowledge that within the unconscious are subconscious forces. These include our Aspects of Self; the different personalities within that seek expression. As they are energetic forces, they seek manifestation in our external, daily life. Everything exists as part of one whole, but there are many parts to that whole also. To simplify, we will make a distinction between light and dark forces. Or, constructive and destructive forces. But keep in mind, things rarely split even down the middle. As a result, what we have is a combination of these two opposing forces at play. So, we will look at how these destructive forces manifest in our life, as they are the most detrimental. 

These destructive subconscious forces manifest as undesirable, unwanted, or immoral behaviour. These will differ according to specific social and cultural customs and traditions. While they will also vary from person to person. Generally speaking, we’re referring to behaviour that is unacceptable, unethical, or immoral. Further, such behaviour has a propensity to present itself in sudden ways. As uncontrollable anger, impulsive outbursts, or as a spontaneous decision that is out-of-character. For the most part we are unable to control these impulses, despite our awareness of them. But the danger is that others exist that we are unaware of all together. Thus, as these forces are the driving force behind our behaviour, we must become conscious of them.

We must become aware of our subconscious forces so that we can direct our own behaviour. As this life-force is dual in nature, it contains the seeds of potential, but also for destruction. Thus, our aim is not to deny or discard them, because this would be to deny our totality. We would alienate ourselves from our Total Self, and cut-off our access to our potential. So, our aim is to become conscious of our own totality—the good, the bad, and the ugly—so that we are more aware. Without our conscious awareness, these forces run our lives from behind the scenes. What we do not acknowledge on a conscious level will become our Achilles’ heel. That is to say, they will be the weakness that will lead to our downfall. Thus, we must become acquainted with our Unknown Self as the entities that live within are allies. They are here to make us more conscious. Further, when we are conscious of our Aspects of Self, we are better adept at directing its influence.

As noted, due to the complexity and duality of the mind our beliefs and behaviours often conflict. This is because our conscious and unconscious beliefs differ. We can understand this as different personalities with different values. Also, as these energies seldom find external expression, the pressure becomes intensified. As such, our subconscious beliefs take precedence because the build up of this energy is so great. These forces must realise their expression; they must find an outlet. What’s more, these energetic entities exist because they are part of who we are. There is no—getting rid of them. As a result, they manifest as a psychological or physical disorder. That is, as mental illness or destructive behaviour. Moreover, the unconscious is the state we project from. So our subconscious beliefs inform our behaviour which creates our circumstances. This is why understanding our hidden motivations, our fears and desires is crucial. Because they direct our behaviour, which determines our reality.

In closing, the subconscious houses many conflicting ideas and beliefs. We express these through our Aspects of Self. If these are not acknowledged on a conscious level, they create chaos in our life. Left unchecked, they will surface one way or another; as mental or physical illness. This is because they are existing energies within us seeking expression. So, suppressing them only makes them more intense. They surface in moments of high stress and unawareness. In the most unconscious, all decisions are projections from this unconscious state. As such, these rogue entities run their entire life. The symptoms include; confusion, anger, resentment, and frustration to name a few. It manifests as a chaotic, destructive lifestyle, punctuated by endless drama and conflict. To avoid this, be aware of the clues that surface from the unconscious. In the form of negative traits, habits, compulsions, and impulsive behaviour. If you can witness these as they arise, they are valuable teachers. They exist to assist your evolution towards consciousness.

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