23 May 2022

The Backbone Of Success: Character & The Qualities That Make Us 

Olivia O. Vinten

While definitions of success vary far and wide—one thing’s for sure. There’s no overnight success. No, it’s not something that’s attained over the duration of a night. Nor is it a destination to reach, or something to grab; so it’s not tangible, so to speak. Rather, success is the virtue of one’s character. It’s the sum of one’s principles and self-understanding. Here I delve into how I define success, and look into the qualities and character traits that make it a reality. Before we chase after success, we must clarify what it means. As this gives us a baseline, or springboard for our actions. Furthermore, it gives us perspective and context for how to frame our decisions. All in all, irrespective of how we define success, it is our character that dictates how our life unfolds. Why? Because our character sets the tone for what we stand for; it’s our backbone. It determines how we navigate life and thus sets the course for our actions. If we neglect character and only chase success, we expose ourselves to influence.

Here I use the term influence to mean the art of persuasion. That is, something that has an effect on us but which we are unaware of. If something is off, or not quite right and we neglect to peak under the hood, how can we expect to solve the issue? By hood, I mean our subconscious; that which governs our interior life and motivations. If left unchecked – if we are not conscious of ourselves – we become exposed to the shear force of subliminal power. This is also the realm that governs greatness, but also mediocrity. It houses our potential, but also our fears. It is our unconscious needs, desires, and values that drive our behaviour. This is the underlying force that directs our decision making. So it’s imperative to understand what we value and need, to find fulfilment. We need to find which parts need servicing and which need replacing. Altogether, an aptitude for success depends on a strength of character.

In simple terms, success is the accomplishment of an aim. This is the surface definition. But the deeper meaning of success has to do with blood, sweat, and tears; the elements that build character. That is, a character that is virtuous; one that personifies positive character traits. Again, peruse this post for a better insight into this. In essence, being successful depends on having several important qualities. Such as, self-understanding, conscientiousness, and persistence, among others.  In other words, specific characteristics or habits garner success. As a starting point, these include the Triple A’s: awareness, accountability, and action. Successful people are those that have awareness of self, and others. They accept accountability for their behaviour and actions. And they take action; they strikeout towards what they want. These are some of the qualities that make success viable. But there’s more to add. 

Introducing the Triple C’s: curiosity, clarity, and connection. These form part of a cocktail that, when infused into our DNA, make us more capable. Injecting these into the same vein as the Triple A’s we flood the bloodstream with more life-force. Expanding our repertoire, so to speak. The more knowledge we have, and structure to apply it, the more effective our decisions. That is to say, the greater our arsenal, the more prepared and confident we are to navigate life. The purpose of all this is to build character; to grow into a capable person. One that has integrity, fortitude, and perseverance. But to do so we need the right ingredients. So when we combine the Triple A’s with the Triple C’s we create a cocktail of competence.

To explore these qualities further, curiosity is the desire to know, learn, or do. It’s the inquisitive seeker with a pioneering spirit, representing an eagerness to explore. Curiosity is our own personal guide and through our intuition it gives us clues on where to go and what to follow. Sometimes the direction in which it points seems irrational. In such moments, logic and reason elude us: and we are oblivious to its logic. In such moments we can become disheartened by disillusionment. But intuition works in mysterious ways: it defies logic and neglects reason. And it does so, for a more powerful magic that we cannot explain. If we are willing to surrender to it by the virtue of our truth, we will find our way.

Intuition administers the appropriate medicine, in the right dose, at the right time. There exists an intuitive synchronicity that is in direct communication with Universal Intelligence. Our oblivion has no say, it cannot render it null. It continues to exit within the void, despite our ignorance. It exists because life doesn’t run in logical or linear succession, so we must look for the clues amid the chaos. We must surrender to our inner knowing whilst upholding the virtue of awareness. We must flow with the current of our intuition, with our awareness and integrity intact. By the same token, we must trust the innocence of our curiosity to deliver us to the truth. Because it contains an essential essence, one that stems from a higher order. It is from here, where we derive clarity.

Clarity derives its source from the same DNA as curiosity. Both run alongside one another. Clarity is the state of indisputable knowing. It is the quality of being certain, absolute, and resolute in our understanding of self and others. But its meaning is also multilayered. As a baseline, clarity is the quality of being coherent and systematic in thought. Of having an intelligible understanding without ambiguity. Meaning at its core, clarity is the cognitive ability to think in a clear, and logical manner. On a metaphysical level clarity runs parallel with intuition. Both use a higher knowing that bypasses logical thought processes. That is to say, they access a deeper knowing beyond the level of the intellect. In other words, it represents instinctive understanding, without the need for conscious reasoning. From a state of clarity, we arrive at a place of connection.

Connection is the relationship between people, things, or ideas. It’s the commonality that links them together to form shared meaning. All things have a connection with one another, albeit in varying degrees. But things only have importance in relation to what has personal meaning. Thus, meaning is a map for us to navigate life. Thus, our connection relates to self understanding, perception, awareness, and our values. These are the primary modes of how we identify meaningful connections between things. Hence, the relationship between things, in relation to ourselves, is what provides meaning. It’s what guides us.

As mentioned, these connections are not always immediately obvious, nor is their significance. Nonetheless, significance abounds, and the art lies in the ability to perceive them. Hidden opportunities permeate daily life. But drudgery threatens to drown them out; succeeding under the guise of duty. Even so, life progresses from a series of decisions, and connections give life meaning. But all this must come from a strength of character that adheres to a strong moral and ethical code. From here, we clarify our principles, values, and our notion of success. By way of this, the Triple A’s and the Triple C’s form the backbone of our character. Hence, they establish our trajectory toward true success. This creates a matrix that’s founded upon respect and an understanding of connectedness. Thus, these qualities exemplify a strength of character that can only go one way. And that is forward—toward consciousness. Truth will always be the bearer of success. Veritas, virtus, libertas: truth, virtue, and freedom.