10 may 2022

The Beauty & The Beast Of Sleep

A good night’s sleep has more to do with beauty than meets the eye, and beauty is more than skin-deep. That is to say, beauty has a quality beyond physicality. That being, the virtues of integrity, generosity, health and happiness. Including creativity, prosperity, and fulfilment, because at their heart, they share harmony. Which is the state of balance, or equilibrium – to that end – harmony exemplifies beauty. So if harmony and beauty are synonymous, then both preserve wellness.

Following this premise, sleep ought to be beauty’s prescribed medicine. Why? Because as it happens, sleep is the antidote to dis-ease. With the proviso that the patient receives a good night’s sleep as regular sleep will not suffice. The characteristics of a good night’s sleep include quality, quantity, and consistency. To clarify, quality sleep is deep, restorative sleep. While quantity, is the duration of sleep. And finally, consistency is the regularity of that sleep pattern maintained over time.

With that said, I propose that quality sleep is more important than doing. Here’s why: sleep is the antidote to the poison imposed by modernity et al. These include stress, anxiety, disease etc. Thus, quality sleep is so much more than a beauty potion. It’s the elixir that makes us more capable and competent. Because efficiency is the precursor to productivity. The latter being the primary reason for why many DO NOT prioritise sleep. The sentiment being that modern life is time sensitive. Hence, sleep is forsaken in exchange for greater productivity. The theory being, that doing more, gets you more. By implication, exertion equals achievement thereby making one more successful. But research into the effects of sleep prove that sleep deprivation is fatal.

According to neuroscientists, on average we sleep for about six and half hours per night. Yet those who still function on this amount without showing signs of impairment, is zero. Also, sleep is not cumulative. Meaning, we cannot counteract the detriments caused by sleep deprivation. To say it another way, we can’t make up for the damage caused by a lack of sleep one night, by sleeping longer the next. The body doesn’t store the restorative benefits of sleep to use on demand, at will. Meaning, we can’t borrow from quality sleep to pay back the detriments caused by inadequate sleep. What you got is what you get. So make it count. Thus, the aim is to promote beauty and avoid the beast. 

The beast is the personification of ugliness imposed by sleep deprivation. Physical signs show decaying skin, bloodshot eyes and lack of vitality. That is, along with a host of other ailments. These include, impulsivity, diminished alertness, concentration, learning and memory difficulties and behavioural problems. One of the gravest dangers is that we are unable to perceive our sleep deprivation or its severity. Meaning, our subjective sense of how we are functioning stands in contrast to reality. So when sleep deprived, we are less capable. Mental and physical health problems, accidents, and death, correlates to sleep deprivation. In short, sleep is by far the most underrated and underutilised resource we have available to us.

Without getting into the mechanics of sleep, there are four stages that make up the sleep cycle. They are N1, N2, N3, and REM. Stages N1-N3 fall into the phase of Non-REM, while Stage 4 is the REM phase. Non-REM stands for non-rapid eye movement. While REM stands for rapid eye movement; aka restorative, or dream sleep. REM sleep is of particular interest to me because it’s the stage that’s useful for dream analysis. It’s a valuable tool to use for developing self-awareness, by accessing the subconscious. For our purposes here, that discussion falls outside the scope of this post. But stay tuned because it’s an area that I will be discussing and developing here on SEL. The focus here is to lay a foundation for the importance of sleep. Which is this: quality sleep is crucial for optimal physiological and psychological wellbeing. This includes how well we perform; the effectiveness of our decisions and actions. The bottom line is that all stages of sleep are vital and important. 

All in all, the research is clear. Trading sleep for wakefulness in pursuit of productivity is counterintuitive. The verdict is unequivocal: quality sleep correlates to greater success. Albeit, creativity, productivity, and every other health benefit known to man. Above all – quality sleep is beauty’s potion – in all its glory. It’s the antidote to the beast; failing health, wealth and happiness. To be precise, we need seven to nine hours of quality beauty sleep, every single night. No exceptions.

A Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep

Preface | A good night’s sleep depends on a few prerequisites. They are: 1. Light Exposure 2. Air Purification & Flow 3. A Pure Space 4. Temperature 5. Sleep Consistency 6. Darkness 7. Connecting with Spirit via Ritual.

1. Lighting | Exposure to artificial light after dark has dire consequences on sleep quality. Why? The short answer is this. Light inhibits the production of melatonin in the body, known as the sleep hormone. Darkness triggers the body to increase the production of melatonin. Which signals the body to sleep. Thus, it regulates our sleep-wake cycles.

Switch-off all electrical devices, including power sockets that are not in use. Where possible avoid watching TV or using computer screens. If you do use these after dark I recommend wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The red lenses block 100% of blue and green light. Wear when exposed to artificial light post sunset. Or, two to three hours before bed, to improve sleep quality.

This Harmonising Sticker harmonises the environment with negative ions. Mobile phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices radiate an Electromagnetic Radiation Field (EMF). These are a positive charge frequency. Place stickers on your mobile phone, computer, or anywhere that emits radiation. 

For lighting, the Blue Light Blocking Lamp is 100% blue and green light free. It gives a soft, relaxing warm light glow, which has three brightness settings. It’s rechargeable, making it portable and clean as there are no messy cords to deal with. You can go all out and switch your light bulbs to the Blue Light Blocking Light Bulb for evening. Or use the Low Blue Light Bulb for daytime.

Where possible, I turn off all devices and generally use only candlelight at night. I use these Pure Beeswax Tealights placed in a Light Bubble

2. A Pure Space | This is fundamental for restorative sleep. To create an inviting and comfortable sleep environment, your bedroom must be pure. By that I mean your physical space is clean and uncluttered. Cleanliness and beauty have a physical and metaphysical effect on us. A clean space equates to a clear mind and a pure Spirit. It’s imperative to allow only people or things that are pure into your environment. 

Keep your bedroom space minimal. Neutral interiors with natural materials lend a sense of serenity. Clean, fresh linens in white promote clarity and calmness. Fresh flowers or branches kept in an earthenware vessel assist with staying grounded. As well as remaining connected with the Earth.

3. Air Purification & Flow |Air quality and circulation are important. Especially from a metaphysical and physical standpoint. It’s important to purify the air and your environment. The simplest way to do this is to open windows and doors, allowing the air to exchange, and your space to breathe. Keep the circulation of fresh energy flowing, and leave windows open for as long as possible. It’s especially important to have airflow whilst sleeping. I cannot sleep without the air moving, I leave windows open, always, even in winter.

Other ways to purify the air include lighting Palo Santo, Incense, or a Smudge Stick. Palo santo – also known as the “wood of saints” is my favourite. Not only for its metaphysical and cleansing properties but for its otherworldly scent.



Palo Santo



White Sage Smudge Stick

4. Temperature | Cooler temperatures including a lower body temperature is conducive to better sleep. While relaxation has a calming effect on the mind and body that helps to improved sleep quality.

An ideal way to relax is to take a hot bath with mineral salts.  Or add essential oils  to a diffuser complimented by candlelight. Bathing before bed promotes sleep quality by calming and influencing body temperature. After a hot bath or shower, the body experiences a rapid decrease in core body temperature. This assists in falling asleep with ease. As does sleeping nude, which helps to keep body temperature low.

5. Sleep Consistency | It’s advised to go to bed and rise at the same time each day. This regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. It acts as the body’s internal clock that regulates sleep patterns. Sleep Consistency aids efficiency and the automatic response system. This assists in falling asleep and waking up with greater ease. So, maintaining a routine sleep schedule facilitates stable sleep patterns over time.

6. Darkness | This circles back to light exposure. Which concerns the production of melatonin, and synchronising the circadian rhythm. All impact our natural response to sleep and wakefulness. Darkness signals the mind and body to relax and prepare for sleep.

Thus, for quality sleep your bedroom must be completely dark. This can be difficult if you live in a city, or anywhere there’s light pollution. To solve this problem I use the Blackout Sleep Mask. It’s the best mask I’ve found because it blocks 100% of light, and there is no pressure on the eyes. It’s also completely adjustable. Imagine goggle-like adjustable eye caps that sit over the eye sockets. It’s also beneficial for meditation during the day.

7. Connecting With Spirit | The final act. At this stage it’s important to state your intention to connect with Source. Doing this sends a signal from the conscious mind to the unconscious. This is where we connect to the Source and Spirit via the Dreamworld.

8. Ritual | After completing the steps above spray The Jasmine Garden over your face. Inhale the enchanting scent and set the intention to dream. Ask your subconscious to communicate to you via your dream. This can be a specific or non-specific query. Or an acknowledgement that you’re open to the experience of the Dreamworld and its messages.

For a direct portal, enter via The Blue Cocoon – the most unique and mystical beauty product ever made. This azure magic is a hybrid balm that hydrates and calms the skin. But it’s so much more. It contains blue tansy which promotes peacefulness and relaxation, thus aiding restful sleep. Open the jar, inhale, then place a morsel up your nostrils. Finally place the Blackout Sleep Mask over your eyes…and you’re off.