9 November 2022

The Energetics of Source & Self 

Pablo Picasso, Head and Dove, 1951
Introducing A New Series 

In this new series we are going to explore the Energetics of Source and Self as a way to understand our True Self. The underlying philosophy is that true power and wealth come from Source Energy. While at the same time recognising that this Source lies within us. Thus, self-knowledge and self-empowerment stem from the same Source. All pre-requisites for self-realisation. As such, to own this energy and direct it with self-awareness empowers us to realise our potential. Therefore our purpose is to awaken these archetypal energies that exist within. Thereby making them conscious, to then direct and use at will. The first step is to understand the essence of Source Energy.

Source Energy is the aliveness that runs through all existence. We can understand it as being the same primal force that underpins our Self. Our Self is who we are at our core; authentic and exuberant. Yet it is a dynamic force that comprises many Aspects of Self. These are the different personalities, or energy types that encompass our Self. Aspects of Self represent the archetypal energies that exist within us, seeking consciousness. They seek expression through our own conscious awareness in life. By analysing these energies we are better able to understand their qualities. Once understood, we are more adept at utilising them and directing their influence. This gives us a deeper perspective of the energetics that underscore Source Energy. But also our Self, as they are one and the same. That being our Essential Essence; our energetic nature. Equipped with this knowledge, we are able to form a more complete picture of ourselves. Which also guides us on how to better function in the world by making enlightened decisions. 

So the aim of this series is to explore the essence of these energetic forces as they relate to our Self. On our life path we go through many experiences that are necessary for our growth. Some of which mark important turning points on our evolutionary trajectory. To avoid regression we must be aware of the archetypal energies that run parallel with our life. Because these represent the fabric of life itself. At any moment a particular force will need either summoning, transmuting, or directing. In some form or another we must integrate these energies into our Self; into our total Being. Our wholeness depends on it. Therefore we need to develop the specific qualities, or capacities that are missing.

When we are able to identify these qualities we make them conscious. When we become conscious of them we are able to locate them within ourselves. This gives us insight and clarity into how to deal with each stage of life. In essence, encountering these archetypal forces helps to shape our character. And character is fate; influencing our destiny through our capabilities. Thus, by understanding these forces we become skilled at recognising their presence. As such the skill lies in the ability to discern the quality, or energy, but also direct it. We need to call upon different energies at various points in our life, so it’s important to learn this skill.

Along our journey circumstances and challenges arise that demand our full awareness. To handle these in the most effective manner requires knowledge and skill. Although it’s worth noting that it’s not what happens to us in life that matters, but how we deal with it. If we view life’s events from the perspective that they are critical lessons, we have an advantage. The cycles of life are actually rites of passage for the soul’s evolution. Every episode in our life is an opportunity to surpass previously defined boundaries. Meaning, every happenstance is congruent with the needs of the psyche. Which is to say, that events coincide with the needs of our psychological development.

At this critical juncture is a chance to claim the energetic qualities that arise. To take ownership and redirect them at will. At this point our psychological development requires conscious integration of a particular energy. In other words, we must harness a certain quality, or force, so the body can digest the experience. So specific qualities will come to light that mirror the needs of our circumstances. The aim is to get our attention so that we become conscious of the underlying quality. So these energetic forces live in the unconscious, to become conscious, through physical experience. The final passage delivers awareness and knowledge gained from experience of worldly trials.

As stated, the purpose is always to make us more conscious. Conscious of ourselves in the broader context of the Universe. The Universe represents the entire ecosystem of all existence, including the nonphysical. While Source Energy is the lifeforce of that system. That makes us a point of consciousness within that same ecosystem. So we are part of the energetic fabric of the Universe, so to speak. That said, understanding these energies is necessary for us to integrate them into our experience. Into our Being, as it were. Once conscious of these energetic patterns we progress on our evolutionary path. Meaning we ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Which is vital for individuation and self-realisation. Therefore, we must understand the energetic source of the Self, if we are to actualise the Self.