The Importance Of Style

1 January 2022

The Importance Of Style

NYC Bambi

Substance is synonymous with style for the simple reason that physicality,  that is to say, form and matter, are a reflection of consciousness. Substance is the quality that has value, meaning, and importance. When substance collides with form in such a way, style becomes the governing principle. Thus, style represents a set of specific aesthetic principles that have a particular life force, or energy. By nature, like attracts like, therefore style attracts to it that which shares similar propensities. These ultimately reflect a specific essence, or state of Being. But, it is our consciousness that reflects our ability to perceive. Perception, however, is dependent on awareness, which is the precursor to consciousness, and these form the instruments through which creation is born.

The Architect 

In the broadest sense, consciousness is the architect behind everything. It creates all forms, including the beauty found in the natural world. Not only is it responsible for all physical beauty, but also for everything that exists beyond it. That is, that which exists in the non-physical world – the realm of thought, dreams, and the imagination. 

Consciousness is the source of all creation. But, it is our awareness, and our personal experience that set the stage for the way life takes shape. In this sense, there can be no neutrality, to be neutral is to make a choice. Whether conscious of stylistic choices or not, they are nonetheless made. They are either made by you, or made by others, for you. To assume otherwise is to deduce style to have no greater significance than to serve the needs of vanity. Yet, stylistic choices are a necessity, and the ability to make conscious choices is a skill. Nothing exists only on the peripheral; everything permeates everything else. Physicality represents the natural laws that govern our experience on Earth.

To realise this, is to understand there’s a way of Being that enables us to grasp a greater power. That is, the ability for transformation through our intentions and meaningful connection.

There Is A Life Force That Permeates Everything

If one contains all, and all contains one, then style is more than an articulated mass of form. It must also contain the sum of its parts. The mind behind the vision is the state of consciousness that created it. As is the one who connects with that vision. There exists the creator, the created, and the collaborator. Each connected by a unified vision. That is, an underlying philosophy articulated through the guise of form. Irrespective of the chosen medium, be it fashion, art, or architecture. Thus, it is not only the form that we resonate with. It is the importance of its value inherent within it.

Style Is Synonymous With Substance

These values represent the soul of form; its essence. But, we cannot perceive what we do not recognise, and yet, lack of perception does not negate its necessity. Thus, we must cultivate awareness. We must also make choices. Whether they be aesthetic, practical, philosophical, or otherwise. Choices made at the highest level of creative expression suggest such awareness. That is, an acknowledgement of many interconnecting elements. Whether such decisions are conscious, or not, there exists a relationship. Further, there is an understanding of their relationship with one another. 

Function & Purpose

The form over function principle illustrates the importance of this cohesiveness. Here, consideration of form supersedes necessities of function. But, to forgo one in favour of another is to rob something of its purpose. If you rob something of its purpose, it becomes destitute. Because it has no function. It becomes reduced to being an inanimate thing. It becomes suspended between its reality and the prospect of its potential. If a chair cannot be sat on, it becomes a sculpture. Because the intended purpose of a chair is to serve the function of providing seating. All things contain their own Beingness. But, for all intended purposes, the chair will never realise its full potential. Because, it is missing a part of itself. Thus, it seeks wholeness.

Meaningful Engagement

To realise wholeness we must become aware. It is awareness that connects us with consciousness. That is, with our Inner Beingness, which contains the seed of all potential. Thus, awareness is the gateway to our Truest Self. One found, our highest expression of self will also emerge. This is the expression of balance and harmony. In this state, obstacles become an opportunity for experience. And, experience is necessary for growth. Through this process, knowledge deepens, as does the confidence to make effective decisions. To live in such a way is to fulfil your highest potential. Experience gives way to a symphony of consciousness, through the awareness of form. To develop style requires conscientious intention, thought, and action. Hence, style is synonymous with substance.

Develop Your Awareness 

Intention | Set the Intention – Release everything in your environment that you no longer want, or need.

Inquiry |  Inventory of Style – Take note of everything in your immediate environment. Start with your physical surroundings. Home, furniture, clothing etc. With honesty, answer these questions:

Why do I own it? Did I choose it? Or did someone else choose it for me. Do I want it? Do I need it? Does it serve a purpose? If I could choose any version of this thing, would I choose this, why or why not? Do I need to keep gifts, and why? How does my environment make me feel? Depressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Clam? Fulfilled? Inspired? What kind of style am I drawn to, and why? Classic? Modern? Old world? Minimal? A combination of styles?

Be as specific as possible. Evolution is a never ending process. This will help you to clarify your values and your style.




Action | Transformation through Space – Remove everything in your environment that you do not connect with. Or ,that doesn’t serve an immediate purpose for you. For example, something you don’t particularly like, but need, for instance, your bed.

This process may be easier for some than others. Some cling to materiality as if it were part of themselves. This is the ego. That is, a need to identify with form, to justify its worth. The ego believes that absence and loss equate to identity. In other words, their things make them who they are. If  you identify with this, then this process will be most beneficial. Move at your own pace, but you must be honest with yourself. You must make choices, and take the necessary action if you want to transform your life.  




Ritual | A Synthesis of Spirit and Matter – To perform a physical ritual in honour of your intentions and actions is an important final act. Ritual is the act of creating a connection between two worlds. The symbolic, abstract world, and the concrete world of form. It brings the two into a cohesive relationship with one another. Physical acts create a pathway into the deepest parts of the psyche. That is, the unconscious, where all transformation occurs. On a psychological level, ritual solidifies our intentions. On a physiological level, it connects our body, mind, and spirit. 

There are many forms of ritual, but the simplest are often the best. For example, light a candle. Observe the flame. Strive for a state of contemplative acceptance, and avoid any tendency toward intellectualisation. Let thoughts come as they may. Then, let them go.