13 September 2022

Truth For Transformation

Karl Blossfeldt

The simple truth is that life is a reflection of our inner state of mind. Every aspect of life will reflect either a state of balance or imbalance. That is to say, our external circumstances reflect either a state of inner calm or chaos. We project our state of mind outward onto situations and others. Hence, confusion and conflict within create inner and outer chaos. As a consequence, this affects our ability to make clear and concise decisions. Inner turmoil creates an imbalance, which stems from a lack of clarity. To be specific, life is the sum of our choices; our choices are the decisions we make that lead us to take action. Thus, our actions create our circumstances. In other words, the quality of our life is a reflection of the clarity of our state of mind. Yet, while our inner state is always in flux due to the ebb and flow of life, clarity gives us a way to cultivate a calm presence. There are no quick fixes or a master key that will open the door to success, but there is one kernel of wisdom to guide you. The one simple truth for transformation is this:

“The truth will set you free.” 

Clarity of thought comes from an awareness of Self, but truth must be the foundation of all action. Making effective decisions relies on understanding your values and living inline with them. The Values Audit  found here, is a simple concise tool that will assist you in that task. Also, this post here, and here, discuss how to articulate your values. When we have clear and definitive values we are able to prioritise what is important to us and why. This, in turn, gives us the clarity and confidence to make effective decisions and take action. But, if you are still unclear on your values, and if you struggle to make decisions, opt for the truth. Always. This requires honesty and courage. But, using truth as your guide will set you on a path to transformation. That is, on a trajectory toward becoming a more conscious and capable Being.

The Way 

I. Truth & Awareness – become aware of your behaviour in personal and social interactions. Get into the habit of becoming centred and being Present. Before engaging in any interaction, pause and reflect for a brief moment. Find  stillness. Create physical and metaphorical space between yourself and others. Be the witness in the process. This way, you will gain insights from the perspective of the observer. Notice how you feel. Are you agitated or relaxed? Try to discern what, if any, underlying motivations are driving your reactions? Do you feel a need to prove yourself? Do you crave acceptance and try to please people to get their approval? Are you agreeable, if so, why? Are you defensive or aggressive? What role are you playing?

II. Truth & Accountabilitytake accountability for your behaviour. Acknowledge that you have a responsibility to the truth. Whatever situation you’re faced with, big or small, ask yourself: What is the truth? How can I serve the truth at this moment?

II. Truth & Action – are you listening, and are you responding with honesty and TRUTH? Whatever the outcome, acknowledge and accept it for what it is. Take note if you are responding from conditioned beliefs, habits, or fears.

Understand that the truth is impartial. You are not responsible for the way others react and respond to the truth. Adverse reactions from others is a reflection of their understanding and development. Your integrity is dependent on speaking the truth and adhering to the facts with grace and tact. As long as the intention remains speaking the truth, and not a power trip to assert authority.

Don’t lose heart if you fall into one of the ego’s pitfalls. Take this as an opportunity and a sign of growth. Your awareness will grow as you cultivate being the witness behind your behaviour. As opposed to the person who identifies with the behaviour. Practice being the witness—the awareness.